February 27, 2010

What a LONG week (or two) it's been.

The main story line has been work, and a project that has been impacting EVERY other aspect of my life. Endless stress filled days, more hours post dinner and riding from home.

The software went live today though, and although there are a few issues, I feel like I am on the verge of getting back to some type of normal. :)

I have been missing from the blogosphere since I didn't even want to look a pc when I didn't have too. I should be back on tracks for updates starting Monday.

The situation at the gig has been waking me up at night, and screwing with my workouts and eating. Been tryin to stick to the plans, but it has been a struggle. Missed about 4 hours of saddle time over the past two weeks. It is what it is..

Had a great conversation with my nutrition advisor, Chris Newport though. Learned a lot and layer out some first step plans to change things up. Very thankful for the input and ideas.

I actually ate pasta for dinner for the first time in years! It was a distaster as my bg was crazy high in the morning (even with a combo bolus AND a basal rate modifcation), but I feel it was successful in terms of learning something new for fueling during rides.

Tough ride today after deployment. Actually rolled out on the road. 50 degree air temp, so you think perfect yeah? Nope. 35mph wind gusts. LOL. After 6+ hrs in the office, it seemed like a lot of effort for very little speed.

Tomorrow, however, should be a sweet 7hr day on the Superfly. Nice.

George and Sara at 8 Dot have pretty much completed the design of the 2010 Type1Rider kit. It looks amazing. Can't wait to show everyone! Need to give those guys a big hug. :)

I have been communicating with some compainies about supporting the Type1Rider cause and mission. Hopefully I will get this done soon, and get those new threads into production.

Received this photo from Dave Naderman from Trek Raleigh who is at the Handmade Bicycle Show in VA. So it is a little custom Ti Kish. You know, for my two small boys:

Just too cool.

I will do my best to get caught up on phone calls and emails over the next few days (sorry Chad).

Drop a line if you are going to be riding in the Umstead, LCCP area tomorrow!


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