February 28, 2010

Ride Hours: 06:56

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 40.74 units
Meal: 13.50u
Corr: 6.60u
Basal: 20.64u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 243g

End of February already! So PSYCHED!! Time change coming up, and we are quickly closing in on some of the bigger races in the season. All of this, plus the slightly warmer temps has me very amped!!

Today was the end of my first month of training with a coach. It was a good month, and I enjoyed the schedule and having some to report to. It went well, and I am looking forward to starting month two.

The last ride was a long 7hr mtb ride on my Superfly. I had finalized the fit on this bike last week, and yesterday proved it was spot on. I covered about 80 miles in the 7 hours, and stayed spot on to my required HR range.

I also have been experimenting with BG control for these longer rides as well. The first thing I did was add a basal pattern specifically for the weekend and long rides. Today was the first day I used it, and it worked perfectly. Here are the two basal patterns I am currently using

Riding Daily (Mon-Fri) - Most training rides come after work at night:
00:00 1.10u per/hr
01:00 1.15u per/hr
04:00 1.20u per/hr
06:00 1.20u per/hr
08:00 1.05u per/hr
15:00 1.00u per/hr
16:00 0.90u per/hr
22:00 1.00u per/hr

Ride Sat/Sun - Training rides start more towards mid morning and are more intense and last longer:
00:00 1.10u per/hr
01:00 1.15u per/hr
04:00 1.20u per/hr
06:00 1.15u per/hr
07:00 1.00u per/hr
10:00 0.90u per/hr
16:00 0.95u per/hr
18:00 1.15u per/hr

The other additions I tried were basically diet in nature. For breakfast today I consumed about 1 cup of pasta. Pasta is a tough one for me, as it ALWAYS raises my BG levels about 5hrs post regardless of home much insulin or positive temp basal rate I use. My nutritionist suggested I try it for breakfast a couple of hours before a long ride start. I started today's ride at my house at 10:00am, so I ate at 08:00. This worked GREAT.

The other is the addition of a few more cals per hour when training in a slightly lower endurance paced zone. Both Chris' in charge of my riding life right now thought it was a good idea, and it too worked as planned. Added about 80cals per hour.

Burned over 6,000 cals during the ride, but BGs ran as follows yesterday:

151 - 08:50
132 - 11:10
98 - 13:29
127 - 15:41
148 - 16:48
121 - 18:23
109 - 19:47
86 - 18:55
99 - 20:47
76 - 23:18 Simple Cs going on board, and post ride over nite 25% reduct temp basal active

Can't ask for better than that! Still a work in progress, but I really feel like I am making some important knowledge advancements. Like I am closer to closing the circle.