February 20, 2010

Race was pretty decent, and I was able to stay fairly close to my planned and targeted training range for 75% of the laps.

Mostly took my time and did 6 8 mile laps in about 5hrs 45mins.   I think I finished up about 12th out of 18-20.  It was a tight race and I believe I could have been top 8 or 9, but gave up a handful of minutes attending to an injured rider who went down right in front of me.  Will find out tomorrow when the results get published, and if he was ok.

All in all a great day on the bike.  I will get the full race and blood glucose report up as soon as I can.

Tomorrow looks to be near 65 degrees, and I am looking forward to a recovery ride with some friends.

Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes and luck!!  I appreciate it!!

Time for bed!