January 10, 2010

Spent the day doing some much needed bike maintenance. The weather was warmer today, so I thought I could mount at least one or two pairs of the new Bontrager Mud X tires on my bikes.

I am going to run these on all of my bikes, and under all conditions - I just like them that much. The roll great, are light and durable, and really work in all situations. I really feel confident in them, and have run and raced them on my Single Speed for a year now.

Heard about a trick to go and pop the new tires in a clothes dryer on high heat for about 90 seconds or so to soften them up. Figured I would give it shot. It worked GREAT!! Both the front on the 355 and rear on the Arch mounted effortlessly. Got the pair done in about 30 minutes from start to finish. Was going to show the whole 10 minute process for one of them, but the vid camera battery went dead. LOL!

I also made some mods to the Superfly fit setup using the changes I have made over the months to the Paragon. Both bikes are identical in component sizes and such (same stem, tires, bars, seats, etc). Still needs a little more tweaking to get it perfect, but it is 98% spot on. I haven't ridden the new Fly much. Once I get some more saddle time on it, I will be able to get it nailed down.

The best thing was that late in the afternoon we had a family birthday party for my 2 year old.