January 9, 2010

Daily Total: 43.92 Ride Hours: 02:29

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 13.50u
Corr: 4.75u
Basal: 25.67u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 213g

Cold, Cold, COLD day today.  There was a group led my Matt from Trek Raleigh that was going out for a 3 hr mtb cruz at 10:30, and, despite the weather, I planned on meeting them.

I lowered my basal rate to a 65% reduction at 9:45, and loaded up the car.  The more local trails are still all closed, so I was taking a 25 minute drive to a place that is ridable.  (I know I have mentioned this before but man, this has been a rough winter for riding).

I left the house a little late, and missed the ride start by about 20 minutes.    I called and left them a message that I was somewhere behind them, and I would try to intersect their planned route somewhere along the way...

SInce my gel's and gu's were frozen in the trunk of the car (yes, I left them there - my bad) I grabbed two energy bars and two water bottles enhanced with Nuun and rolled out at 10:50.  BG was a nice 124.

I don't get a chance to ride out this trail much, and I forget how nice it is.  I had a great time riding through, and ran into about 30 other riders out there (two big groups).  Just rolled through in zone 2 and enjoyed being out on a winters day.

I tried to stay on the normal hydration schedule, but it was a struggle.  Hard to remember to drink while it is sub freezing.  I know its so critical at these temps... but still tough.  Probably only took in 12oz of water per hour while I was out by myself.  I did manage to keep the nutrition coming in, and stayed on an approx 35gC per hour schedule.

Saw this while climbing a small hill.  Its sits near the top of the roller, and you basically ride strait at it.  It is in your LOS for a long while.  It would have been GREAT to roll up on this at night, no?  It actual person sized too. If it wasn't so cold, I would have expected it move with a person hiding inside of it...

Also, a little mental note on this trail.... after cruising down the hill towards the river, stay to the RIGHT at the gremlin nailed into the tree.  The RIGHT.  If you ride these trails you know what snuck up on me.  Not sure how deep or wide that ditch is after the jump, but I only made it by the width of a test strip.  I think I had a HR spike here.  It's funny (HA HA) now, but man... close....

I did manage to intersect Matt and his crew after leaving the single track and getting out on some fire roads.  These guys are fast, and I quickly had to adjust my rhythm to hang on their wheels. 

Was great to finish up chasing these guys...

My fingers and toes where frozen solid, but it was a great day out in saddle.

Vertical Distance:   540.00 yd
Max HR:   188 BPM
Avg HR:   159 BPM
Calories:   2,536 kCal

I got back to the car just short of 3 hours after the ride start, and my BG was an 82.  Not unexpected given the elevated pace I needed for the last 40 minutes.  Since I had already ridden for 2 hours, normally I would have lowered my basal rate a little bit more for the accelerated pace.  I just didn't have time to make the change.

We all went to George's house late in the afternoon to watch some Jets football, and do a little bike maintenance.  I always love working on George's stuff, as not only is he a great friend out but he makes the best pizza on EARTH.  Mark my words... you will be eating his bbq'd chicken pizza at ski resorts out west within the next 5 years.  Seriously.. I would pay $100 a slice. Yes its that good. LOL.

No temp basal rate adjustment when I went to bed.  Figured I at two slices of pie (that's Jersey Shore for pizza) and the ride was earlier in the day.

The temps start heading up tomorrow... I can't wait!!