January 8, 2010

The new year has been off to a COLD start here in North Carolina, as it has with the rest of the country. We have also had a TON of rain, and the local trails have been mostly closed for a couple of weeks as well.

I have been riding and strength training a couple of times a week since the holiday. I've had a few days off from work mixed in there as well, and that has helped a TON. Always better to go riding during the Sunlight regardless of the temp.

Strength training is going well, and I am seeing and feeling results already. I have put together a pretty decent circuit workout that I am using, and that I mix up each time I get to the Wellness Center.

Just gotta keep getting the base miles and hours in until we get a slight change in the weather. I guess I could go find my trainer..... :)

Stay WARM!!