December 15, 2009

Daily Total: 44.21 Run Time: 00:42

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 15.50u
Corr: 3.05u
Basal: 25.66u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 259g

Had a lousy day at the gig, but a GREAT time finishing the tree decorations with the family afterwards.

Once we got done, I headed to the UNC Wellness center to hit the weights for a little bit and then cruise up to campus for an interval/speed work run.  Trails are soaked, and the weather is poor so....

I lowered my basal rate at 19:30 to a 45% reduction.  With the shorter and more intense level of this workout I should see a BG rise, but wanted to reduce just to be sure.  Was at the Wellness Center by 20:10.  Had a quick chat with my friend Cassie about getting on a bike (no pressure - LOL), and then got to work at 80:25.

It took only about 20ish minutes to go through a supersetted lower body workout.  Funny how after only a few consistent days of weight training, the body is starting to respond.  I was able to add some poundage on each move, and it felt great!

Once done I hopped over to UNC Campus.  Took 5 minutes to pack some "emergency funds" (M&Ms) and get my cold weather stuff on.

Ran easy over to my destination and training partner for the next 25 minutes:

A nice concrete 8 story stairway outside Kenan stadium.  No real plan..

Sprint up, jog down.  Repeat.  Wait for 25 minutes to pass.  I am getting old, although my ancient history track coach Mr. Mashur would have been proud.  (Actually, he would have wanted me carrying a 45lb plate while I did it).  :)

Max HR:   188 BPM
Avg HR:   149 BPM
Calories:   615 kCal

Once done.. cruised back to the car and set my basal rate back to a standard rate.  Tested, and the BG was rolling a little high at a 192.  I knew it would float, and next week I will not drop the basal rate as far pre-workout.

Bolused, and set a 90 min temp basal rate of 125% to correct.

Great fun actually, but man.... my legs feel like goo.  :)