December 16, 2009

Daily Total: 41.10 Ride Hours: 02:33

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 17.35u
Corr: 0.25u
Basal: 23.50u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 279g

My mom was taking care of the little men after work today, so I was able to go stright over to the UNC Wellness Center right after work. 

Work has been really tough these past couple of weeks.  Hopefully the new year sees the page turn and things start to get cleared up a little bit. 

I lowered my basal rate to a 55% reduction as I left my building at 16:35.  Was changed and on the bike rolling out by 17:25.  BG at ride start was a near pre-exercise perfect 138.

REALLY cold tonight.  I mean, COLD.  Thermometer says 42, but it feels like 30. 

Since the trails are indeed still wet (yes, I know I sound like a broken record here) I headed out onto the standard rain hill repeat loop.  I was about done with the first round, when I remembered that there was the "Tour de Hills" road ride leaving Weaver Street Market at 18:20.  Although I was on my mtb, I figured it might be ok to join them and hit the bigger climbs in town.

There were only a handful of folks on road bikes on tonight's ride (it was cold, and the Hour of Power indoor training ride was occuring at the Cat's Craddle), so that was to be expected.  They were cool about me joining them though... so on we went.

I am not sure what was worse - the climbs or the temp due to wind chill as we descended.  I would have to say the descends.  :)  I fell behind a little on the carb intake, and realized that I only took in 20 g of c's per hour, but managed to stay on the 16-20oz of Nuun hydration with no problem.

Near the end of the road ride, we rolled past one the of the dirt greenways I use on my rain repeat loop, so I peeled off and headed for home.

As I was heading out through forest theater double track, I found the Cairn gnomes where getting VERY creative:

Cool stuff, no?  :)

Back to the car at the Wellness Center right around 21:45 or so, and the BG was tested at a 104.  Doesn't get much better than that, eh?  Little victories tonight.  Hanging on the road ride, getting out on the coldest ride day to date, and having the blood sugar nailed.  Sweet.

It was a great ride with as much vert as you can find around here in 2.5 hours.  Thanks to the road guys (and gals) who lead me jump in with them.

Vertical Distance:   787.00 yd
Max HR:   185 BPM
Avg HR:   142 BPM
Calories:   1,965 kCal

 When I hit the hay about 2 hours later, I was at a 106.  No correction bolus taken, and the standard 20% reduction in the over nite basal rate following a ride.

Tomorrow is a recovery day as the legs are toast.  Out!!!