December 20, 2009

Daily Total: 23.96 Ride Hours: 02:27

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 9.50u
Corr: 1.90u
Basal: 12.56u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 152g

So I was able to sneak out at 14:00 for a ride on the Paragon around the Chapel Hill wet trail repeat loop. Stuff here will be wet until 2011.

I set a temp basal rate on my pump to the usual 55% reduction at 12:30, but was a little delayed rolling out on the start. As I was driving over to the Wellness Center to get rolling, Marcee gave me a shout. She was down for a ride for a little bit as well, as soon as she removed the decorations from her Superfly:

I road over to our predestined meeting place and we hooked up around 14:35.

Today was a mixed emotion ride for me. It was a turning of a page - more of a closing of a book.

This would be the last time we got to ride this loop together.

Marcee is moving this coming Wednesday and starting a new job down in Charlotte at the start of the new year.

Over the past two years we have ridden and raced tons of trails all overthe southeast together. However, this crappy weather loop in our home town is really where our friendship was forged. I mean come on... while everyone else is hanging on their indoor trainers at night in the cold rain it take a real friend to go ride through some muddy greenways and climb some rain soaked hills.

That loop has provided a TON of unforgettable experiences: the night we found that teenage couple, the falling off the wet and mossy wooden bridge, trying not to run over all those frogs, the night we road out with those peeps who were lost with no flash light, racing on the double track to we reach our LT (on base training days off course), the always changing cairns, finding the best "line" across the creeks (yeah, right), watching that tree lean lower and lower, repeatedly racing up the hills to our LT (on base training days off course), responding to a hypoglycaemic seizure, and many, many more...

Marcee has proven over and over to be a dedicated friend, a great training partner, and the world's absolute best teammate.

She just might be the world's greatest cycling ambassador, while at the same time being a wicked fast road and mountain bike racer. A mix that is extremely rare now a days.

Personally, Marcee has helped me and my riding in more ways then I can begin to count. She cemented in me a confidence on the bike that I was sometimes missing, and helped me to believe in what I could do for the diabetes community through cycling. I know Marcee always has my back. She is one of the greatest proponents of the Type1Rider organization, and has raised diabetes awareness in the triangle as much as anyone. I can not think of where to begin to thank her for ALL she has done.

Quite simply I would not be were I am today as a cyclist without her help.

Marcee will not only be missed by me, but by the entire cycling community here in central North Carolina.

I wish her the very best of everything she deserves as she begins this next phase of her life.

In the upcoming weeks, I will no doubt be out riding the wet weather hill repeat by myself at night. It won't be the same without you.

Do you have that train schedule?

"Woo Hoo!!"