October 22, 2009

Daily Total: 38.62 Ride Hours: 03:49

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 14.15u
Corr: 1.15u
Basal: 23.32u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 215g

Originally we had a select group of people on the group nite ride invite list. Little did I realize (actually just plain forgot) that this was the nation wide showing of "Race Across The Sky". Along with that it was the first Thursday night football game in UNC's history. Since it was 75 degrees and sunny during the day, and it was an absolutely clear starry night, I figured I would see some sky instead of paying 14.50 to watch someone else race across it. :)

When I got back George Scott from mySwimBikeRun.com was there and waiting with his new Superfly 100. I had to line them up and grab a photo - lots of carbon goodness!!!

We ripped around a little bit, and then got back to meet Mark at the pre determined time. (He was riding his Rig BTW).

The ride was great, and the weather was perfect.

Vertical Distance: 407.00 yd
Max HR: 189 BPM
Avg HR: 152 BPM
Calories: 3,171 kCal

When I got home I ate a little something and headed off to bed. I did set a temp basal for 6hrs at a 20% reduction.