August 21, 2009

This has been an extremely rough work week. Work has been brutal and stressful as we are migrating off of 4 database servers tomorrow. I have been on the brink exhausted, and working late into the night to make sure we haven't missed a detail.

Also, I have been feeling very under the weather. Might be coming down with something. Makes sense that after last weeks complete sleep deprived debacle and the 18 hour race last weekend that my immune system might be all jacked up.

On the extremely positive side I had a wonderfuly productive meeting with my agent and publisist yesterday. Lots of great things being to role!!

Haven't been on the bike since after work Monday. Since I am working tomorrow all day, might not ride until Sunday afternoon or evening. Maybe that's why I feel so bad. :)

On a humorous note, any guesses as to whom bib #299 was at ORAMM:

Pretty well written I must say. :)

With any luck tomorrow will go smooth, I can get to be early, and then get a chance to tear it up Sunday.

Here's hoping!

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