August 8, 2009

Daily Total: 38.82u Ride Hours: 02:23

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 13.35u
Corr: 1.40u
Basal: 24.07u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 201g

Today was going to be a long slow ride day. Just a 1/2 dozen hours of base miles to put myself in a "happy place" for next week's 18 Hours on The Farm. Weather was HOT HOT HOT, but dry.

Grabbed the Superfly and left for the trails at 15:45. Due to some scheduling I had set the basal rate down, then back up, then down, and then up, and then finally down. Sitting at the Wellness Center to head out at 15:30 I was at a 60. Drat. Took in some quick simple carbs and rolled out easy.

Well, the ride just went down hill from there. Some days just go bad - and this training ride was a circus. A complete circus.

Was a struggle to get the BG anywhere near low-normal during the entire ride. Dropped the basal rate to a 65% reduction 1 hour in, and then to a 80% reduction about 20 minutes later.

It didn't help. I ended up riding like a drunken slug (laying the bike down a few times - gently at least), and eating too much. Hovered in the 55-75 range the whole time. Began to really screw up my gut, and was close to being ill.

I wanted to hang with it and continue to pedal at atleast some pace just because this could (sometimes does) happen while racing. Riding low it the worst. Your brain is telling your legs to fire, but it take about 3 complete pedals revs to get the message there. You look down at the smallest hills and you find yourself in granny gear doing 2.1mph. You hit everything you look at, and your logic goes south. So you began to affect your mood by thinking "man, this race is over" or while training "what a waste of day. I just want to stop".

Fought through those thoughts for a bit over 2 hours, and then called it a day. Good thing too, as I was so sloppy I dropped a full water bottle on the ground about 8 miles out. So much for hydration.

Vertical Distance:
380.00 yd
Max HR:
180 BPM
Avg HR:
140 BPM
1,441 kCal

Very frustrated after I got done. Just need to let it go.

I did actually lower my basal rate BEFORE falling asleep tonight. I have a feeling it is going to creep up do to the carbs and fat I took in while in a quest to correct my BG. We'll see...