August 7, 2009

Daily Total: 44.25u Ride Hours: 01:46

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 11.25u
Corr: 6.99u
Basal: 26.01u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 169g

After a completely wacky day (I mean WACKY) I was looking forward to getting out on a bike for a couple of hours after work. Weather was pretty dang hot and humid, but not terrible. Much.

Set my pump to a 55% reduction at 16:30, and made my way towards the UNC Wellness Center to park. SetUp events was there beginning to get setup for the triathlon that is to be held on Sunday. Nice.

On the way I ran into a "technical" difficulty that left me leaving the WC at 18:00 sharp (aka LATE) to meet Steve Gisselman for a ride at Chapel Hill North. I have known him for years, and he is a fantastic strenght and conditioning coach at UNC CH, and the fastest mountain biker in the area. Steve has been grateful enough to coach me for the rest of this race season, and into some of the bigger events of next year. I am amped!

Got a decent ride in, but my lateness cost me some time chasing him around. No worries. Me and the bottom-bracket-is-toast-and-creaking HiFi finished up a and headed home. I cut the ride a little short as I wanted to see the boys before they hit the hay.

Vertical Distance:
240.00 yd
Max HR:
175 BPM
Avg HR:
147 BPM
1,272 kCal

I forgot to set my basal rate down when I turned in at night. Of course I paid for it in the morning..... :)