August 9, 2009

Daily Total: 38.52u Ride Hours: 02:07

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 11.60u
Corr: 3.40u
Basal: 23.52u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 174g

Well today started off at a ridiculous hour. Our production database server paged me a little before 05:00. Yeah, read that again. I was not a happy camper. Took almost 3.5 hours to get everything squared away. Only downside, is that I am less then a week out from the 18hr event, and getting my sleep pattern interupted is NOT a great thing. I was less then happy.

We had breakfast and K rolled out for a ride in the morning, and the boys and I played hard. The temps today are going to be in the low 100s, so outside time was going to be at a minimal.

I was able to roll out on my road bike around 11:30, and set the pump to a 55% reduction about an hour earlier. I had about 2.5hrs to get some mileage in, as we were all going to Tracy's for a swim in the pool later at 15:00.

Ride started out ok, but I just was feeling it. I guess the not sleeping the last couple of days, with the getting up early today, plus the heat just took it all out of me. I did squeeze 38 miles out in the 2 hours, so the pace was ok. Flat, but ok.

Vertical Distance: 273.00 yd
Max HR: 183 BPM
Avg HR: 150 BPM
Calories: 1,374 kCal

We had a good time at the pool visiting, but everyone was exhausted I think. At least I was.

Tried to get to bed early, and did a fairly good job. Have a busy week coming up with Trek World going on (not doing anything with that, just excited), a test at the Human Performance Lab at Meredith college, a meeting with a nutrionist with an expertise in diabetic athletes, and then the 18 hours on the Farm at weeks end. Whew....