July 6, 2009

Daily Total: 43.55 Ride Hours: 01:28

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 15.00u
Corr: 3.65u
Basal: 24.90u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 242g

Had one of those days that you are able to cover a bunch of ground. Work was overly successful, and I had a positive meeting with a new insulin pump company. The weather is perfect, and everything is generally all ok. Sweet.

I wanted to go for a fairly low key light flat spin to day to shake down the Superfly for this weekends 12 hour event. A friend of ours txt'd and said she would be rolling at Lake Crabtree County Park. Figured that would work perfect.

Set a temp basal rate of 45% at 17:50 and headed to the park. Was on the bike and riding by 18:40 with a starting blood glucose of 87. Since I was on the lower end of the scale, I set my basal rate to a great reduction of 65%. About 40 minutes into the ride, I then set my basal rate back to its normal 100% rate.

Vertical Distance: 100.00 yd
Max HR: 169 BPM
Avg HR: 124 BPM
Calories: 750 kCal

Had a good time rolling with another rider on a HiFi 29er. The Superfly feels perfect, and I only needed to make some minor seat adjustments. Other than that, she is good to go.

Of course I needed to watch Le Tour at night after I got home. Today's stage was one of the most intriguing and tactical stages I have seen in a LONG time. So sweet.. tomorrow's TTT is going to be a barn burner for sure!

No temp overnight post ride basal tonight as the output on the ride was just to little. Out...