July 8, 2009

Tonight was just trying to get through a bunch of maintenance items, and do as much packing for the 12hr this weekend as I could.

I have been working on my interweb presence for the past couple of weeks (as time allows). The main Type1Rider site needs a new home. I am thinking about using the new Blogger inteface for web 2.0 to be the destination of Type1Rider.org, and then switch the main site content and the forums over to GoDaddy. Trying to save money and make sure I am hosted with a more financially stable company. Hopefully I will be able to get that all done by next week. We'll see.

Picked up the groceries I will need, and packed the car with what I could tonight as well. That Yakima RocketBox on top of the Civic is unbelievable!! Put the Fisher quickup tent, the park bike stand, some spare parts, and two folding chairs up there. Crazy!

Going to get a light spin in tomorrow before packing the rest of the stuff. Nothing too big, but just enough to make traveling easier.

I was hoping to see my good and newly married friend CC while near Atlanta, but I don't think our scheduling will allow it. We'll try again in October. :)

Y'all seen the 2010 Superfly 100 yet? Check out BikeRadar or do a Google search. Seriously sick.

Alright off to bed... Quality quantities of sleep is the best thing I can do right now.

Out (like a light).... :)

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