June 22, 2009

So me and the boys (J and K) are cruisin' the mall (lookin' for Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! videos) and this group of 8 or 10 college kids walk up.

One of them says "Hey man, aren't you the diabetic who races on the Fisher 29er crew?" ( turns out he has a Paragon and his sister has Type 1).

Before I can answer, my oldest says "Yeah my dad's on the crew, dude!". Everyone burst out laughing!!  It was too funny!! :).

His sister, Julie, is 28 and has been Type 1 for 12 years. She likes cycling and gas done some sprint tris before. Kinda having a harder time know as she is expecting.

Was interesting to hear about her experiences through her brother's eyes.

Plus, I think I found a new agent and publisist. Even if he is only  4. :)

Tony Cervati
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