June 6, 2009

Daily Total: 37.70 Ride Hours: 06:29

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 12.05u
Corr: 3.50u
Basal: 22.15u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 250g

June 6th and 7th was the American Diabetes Association's North Carolina Tour de Cure. This was my 4th year serving as Co-Chair for this fundraiser, and I also served as captain for the Cycling Spoken Here / Type1Rider team. The Tour de Cure (TdC) serves as the primary fund raiser for the ADA.

Our team was made of 21 people this year, and we finished in the top 5 in total fund raising efforts. The Tour itself raised over $200K. This money is spent on diabetes cure research as well as fundamental support programs for diabetics.

The route went from Cary to Pinehurst via either a 75 or 100 mile route. There was also a 40 mile one day route, and a 10 mile route for families with little riders to complete. The route and destination were new this year, and they didn't disappoint. The route was spectacular with continous rolling hills and horse farms for the majority of the length. The 100 mile route even drifted through Fort Bragg for a bit as well. Southern Pines (Pinehurst) was a great place to finish, with lots to do and a nice hotel to host dinner and the after party.

The weather cooperated each day as well, giving the riders low to mid 80s and overcast. No rain, and a very light breeze rounded out the perfect conditions.

My BGs where near perfect as well ranging from 160 to 99 throughout the day. I worked fairly hard by myself during the first 30 miles of the ride going back and forth on the route to change tires and ride with primary fund raisers and other diabetic cyclists.

After that I was able to get hooked up with my wife's group, and enjoy a social pace with them to the end. Once finished I headed backwards on the course a few time to bring help bring some of the other riders and groups in.

A great ride, and a great day in the saddle. Dinner was wonderful and I spoke afterward to the assembled crowd about the day, the fight to find a cure, upcoming changes for next year, and general life as a person with diabetes. I also made my appreciation for all those who participated in the Tour to be known. What these 400+ people who ride, and the volunteers and staff at the ADA do to further the cause is truly awe inspiring.

The Tour de Cure is always a very moving event for me personally. While one the route I had the chance to speak one on one with over 50 people who have been affected by the disease in one way or another. When I get a chance to talk about the disease I mention the 600 people who are die every day to diabetes. I am aware of the 4380 people who are diagnosed every with diabetes day. And I stand amazed at the people with diabetes who put their fears aside and chase their dreams each and every day.

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