May 30, 2009

Daily Total: 42.88 Ride Hours: 01:04

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 4.40u
Corr: 9.90u
Basal: 28.58u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 94g

Healing up physically from the crash. My back is slowly getting better, and the swelling in my knee is almost all gone.

For some reason I just haven't felt like riding my bike this week. Haven't looked at them or cleaned them up from the race.

Today was the first day that I felt like riding at all. So I grabbed the Superfly during the day and just road around. In pants. No HRM. Just cruising around. And you know what? It was GREAT!!

Spent the day with our in town company. We went and walked Duke Gardens and went to dinner. A good fun day with the family. The boys had a BALL!

Have a road ride tomorrow from CSH tomorrow as a part Tour de Cure training ride. They have a standing group ride every Sunday, so there should be almost 80 people or so. My road bike isn't done yet, so I will be riding my fixie.