May 9, 2009

Daily Total: 44.70u Ride Hours: 02:43

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 15.50u
Corr: 3.75u
Basal: 25.45u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 264g

Avg HR: 150
Max HR: 183
Calories: 1931
Vertical: 1380ft

A beautiful Saturday morning into afternoon ride with George (a.k.a. Dirt Dawg). Headed out to Lake Crabtree County Park and then headed into Umstead State Park. Lots of running and bike traffic, and it was GREAT!!

We met a couple that just completed a triathlon last week, and are thinking about Xterra races and mountain biking. It was cool having a 15 minute conversation about racing, nutrition, equipment, etc.

On the way out we ran into De and Dan. De was rocking a Bokor Single speed (cool), and he is friends with the world's best training and riding partner... Marcy!!

Was great to head out with George. Looks like he is in with helping me with two 12 hour races in Georgia later this year, and is going to be heading to the 18 hours On The Farm in August. Can't wait!

Gotta jet...