May 7, 2009

Daily Total: 53.02 Ride Hours: 02:14

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 14.70u
Corr: 12.20u
Basal: 26.12u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 220g

I have switched to a non Windows environment on my primary PC, so it may be difficult to get complete pump downloads for the next week or so. I have to reinstall the software on a different system at home.... any way...

Went straight from Duke to the UNC Wellness Center to get out on the single speed Superfly for a couple of hours. We have had 3 straight days of massive t-storms and tornado watches/warnings so it has been difficult to get out on the bike.

I was able to sneak in a ride just before the rain hit again. No single track of course, but the rainy Chapel Hill route. FUN!!!

I set the temp rate on the pump to a 55% reduction at 16:40. I was changed and out on the bike by 17:20. Was a little worried that I would run low as I was at 112 at ride time, so I took in a quick nutrition bar and rolled out.

The first 30 minutes felt horrible.... its been 4 days... but then the ride was AWESOME!!

Weather was perfect, no humidity, lite breeze... amazing. Totally changed my mood. Rides will do that huh? :)

Avg. hr: 148
Max. hr: 184
Calories: 1617
Vertical Feet: 1260

Back to the car at 19:40. BG was 199. I was kinda bummed, but remembered later that I didn't set the basal rate back to normal as I was heading back.

Changed and rushed back home to see the boys before they went down.

No temp basal rate before bedtime.

This weekend will be touch and go with the weather, but we'll try to squeeze some rides in between rain drops. :)

Good Luck to George, Dan, and the rest heading to do the White Lake 1/2 Ironman this weekend. Rock it!!