April 4, 2009

6 Hours of Warrior Creek - Result: 14th Single Speed

Daily Total: 33.12 Race Hours: 06:28

Time BG Carbs Units
---- -- ----- -----

22:09 123cz
20:14 141cz
17:20 150cz
16:40 145cz
16:00 Race End
12:44 116cz
10:00 Race Start
08:25 118cz
04:04 274cz
Carbs Bolused For: 88g

Calories: 5223kcal  
Num of Heart Beats: 62039
Min Heart Rate: 103bpm  
Avg Heart Rate: 158bpm  
Max Heart Rate: 187bpm  
Ascent: 7778ft

After arriving at the Warrior Creek race site, I still had one big question on my mind that needed to be answered. 
To single speed or not to single speed.

After getting the tent setup in a strategic location for the rest of the incoming 29er Crew and Fisher Bikes crowd, I sat down and began to ponder the question.

My goal for the day was just to get in a high quality training day, and have some fun riding these spectacular trails.  Along that line I went with the Superfly Single Speed that I have brought along.  I left my geared Superfly in the tent. 

When others began arriving, they asked why my number was on the single speed.  When I told them, they laughed.  "Have you ever ridden these trails before, Tony?".  No, I answered.  "Ohhhhh...." they would reply.  "They are PERFECT for a single speed.  What gear ratio are you running?"  When I responded with 34/17 a evil laugh would emit from their souls.    Uh oh.

Turned out not to be all that bad, with only 2000 vertical feet per 9+ mile loop.  Super fun, amazingly flowing trail that kept you interested the whole time.  The legs did start to get tired as the hours clicked on, but I had a wonderful time.

Blood glucose was perfect all day.  The continious monitor was a gigantic help. 

Top 5 things heard at the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek:

1) Where is my Superfly?  No really.  Where the heck is it?

2) Nice Blinglespeed!

3) Did anyone see a pig on the back side of the course?

4) Man, those dogs are freaking me out!

5) Dude this trail is as flat as your driveway.  Really it is.