March 29, 2009

Daily Total: 36.59 Ride Hours: 02:39

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 7.55u
Corr: 4.85u
Basal: 24.19u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 130g

Daily Pump Details Downloaded via CozManager and CoPilot

Back over to Umstead today and it rained over night to re-soak everything. No seriously. :(

It was warmer today, and I was able to ride the Superfly Single Speed in just shorts and a jersey. We are getting closer to springtime! YEAHHAHAHAHHH!!

I completely love riding this bike!! It is just a joy to ride!

Stayed pretty steady on the carb intake and hydration schedule. Ride was AWESOME!!

Energy Expenditure 1603 kcal
Number of Heart Beats 20406 beats
Minimum Heart Rate 120 bpm
Average Heart Rate 161 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 183 bpm
Ascent 1788 ft

Stopped by and quickly saw Marcee (world's best training partner, and Fisher 29er Crew team member) at Cycling Spoken Here's Apex location.

Once home, I loaded the boys in the car and went out to "support" (aka 'Hey dad, what's mom doing? Can we see?') K on a ride. Fun!

Surprise the upcoming week is looking like more rain. I am getting a little bummed. :)