February 9, 2009

Daily Total: 37.12 Ride Hours: 01:34

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 3.80u
Corr: 6.90u
Basal: 26.42u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 89g

Been really struggling with BG levels off the bike since I was sick last week. Started my dieting for the start of the "season" about the same time, and have been chasing lows and lower than normal for the past 5 or 6 days.

Well, it all came crashing down "literally" tonight on a ride with my 29er Crew team mate Marcee.

BG was running fairly normal (I mean as "normal" as it has been for the past week) and I headed out for a ride on the Rig after work. About an hour in, I knew that I was low and tried to catch it by eating as we went alone. Didn't want to over chase, so I ended up running short.

We where about 90 minutes in, and I could begin to feel my feet and legs began that weird low blood sugar cramp, uncontrollable movement thing. I was all over the place on the bike. Feel over a few times on single track over nothing more than sticks.

I told Marcee that I was in trouble, and we tried to get out on the double track. I was really in trouble now, and was doubting I could make it out. My plan was to get to the old bus station (at the trail head) and stop there to fuel and adjust the basal rate to a very low recovery level.

As we headed down the gravel double track I augured the Rig into the ground. I was layed out and couldn't get up. Started to have a little seizure, with very erratic and uncontrollable movements. Was alert and speaking (and I use that term loosely).

First I felt stupid for freakin Marcee out, and for letting this happen. Marcee was awesome, and it was the first time I had gone low like this while she was around. Second I was trying to figure out the best thing to do.

I was able to consume some more of the carbs I had with me, and we called for a ride out.

By the time I got back to the Wellness Center and my car I was feeling much better. Ego wrecked, but was back up into the 80s.

So I head home and grab a shower. While doing that I noticed that my left knee was REALLY tore up. One great big freakin' hole in the left side with some rocks and gravel stuck in it.

Got changed and headed to UNC Hospital to get it cleaned out and stitched up. They actually pulled a rock out from deep in the hole with a pair of tweezers. Cool.

Dr. O'Brian was pretty cool, and he was able to stitch it so I could ride in a day or two. I think it was 7 stitches or so to get it done.

Was able to walk with little or no problem back to the car in the parking deck at the hospital. Will probably take tomorrow off (maybe a little ride around the neighborhood to make sure it doesn't get stiff), but jump back on the bike for a good mountain ride the day after.

Got home around 3:00am. Knee was stiff, but all in all pretty good.