January 23, 2009

Didn't get a training ride in after work today, but did go for a ride
with J! We ripped through the snow (the little bit thats left) in the
yard and played a little ball.

Going to workout and try to run and grab a cycle class tomorrow at the
Wellness Center.

There is a 42 mile mountain bike race on Sunday I am supposed to do.
It's 13 miles of single track and 29 miles of gravel and paved roads.
High is targeted about 40, and with the rain we are getting tomorrow,
I am on the fence. I'll ride one way or the other I'm sure. :)

Will prob do it as part of my training for this week, and try to
forget it's a race. Also might give mean chance to check the fit of
the Superfly,and let me put the Navigator to a serious test.

Taking J to see monster trucks tomorrow so that should be fun watching
him be sooo amped!!


Tony Cervati

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