December 29, 2008

Daily Total: 44.22 Ride Hours: 01:04

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 11.50u
Corr: 5.55u
Basal: 27.17u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 172g

Daily Pump Details Downloaded via CozManager and CoPilot

Headed out at 18:35 for a quick 90 minute "shake down" of the HiFi 29er. Trails where soaked, so just some doubletrack and hill work. Really just wanted to make sure that it wasn't making any weird noises and stuff. Have a few days off coming up, and wanted to make sure it was rolling smooth.

Bike rides great, and I can't wait for the time to get it on the trail this week.

Minimum Heart Rate 91 bpm
Average Heart Rate 141 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 172 bpm
Ascent 1020 ft

Nice to have the bikes 99% squared away for 2009.

It started to rain, so I booked home to get in the barn.

No basal mods before bed.