October 29, 2008

Daily Total: 50.50 Ride Hours: 01:05

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 16.15u
Corr: 6.95u
Basal: 27.40u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 245g

Daily Pump Details Downloaded via CozManager and CoPilot

Just a quick higher tempo hop on the Kona single speed tonight. Was able to squeeze in a good amount of climbing in the 60 minutes of the ride. Probably my last ride on the Kona. ;)

Energy Expenditure 744 kcal
Number of Heart Beats 9402 beats
Minimum Heart Rate 93 bpm
Average Heart Rate 143 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 180 bpm
Ascent 850 ft

I have picked up the support of the UNC Wellness Center at Chapel Hill as a sponsor for 2009. Probably the most technologically advanced and most expertly staffed facility within 500 miles, the sponsorship provides me with a fantastic place to train.

The folks at this special place are like family, and I REALLY appreciate their continued support for the upcoming year! Check out this amazing place at www.uncwellness.com.