October 8, 2008

Daily Total: 42.25 Ride Hours: 01:47

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 13.10u
Corr: 3.05u
Basal: 26.10u

Recorded Daily Carb Intake: 208g

Daily Pump Details Downloaded via CozManager and CoPilot

Another nutty day in the life! After a late getting home from work today, I got prepared to head out for a ride on the Kona single speed for a little bit. Figured it would be a pretty short ride just around campus, but my training partner Marcy totally hooked me up with some lights to use!

I set my basal rate down to a 55% reduction at 18:32, and headed over to the Wellness Center 20 minutes later. On the way, I got a phone call and passed Marcy who was driving home. She met me at the WC to hand me her lights so I could hit the trails tonight. I was AMPED!! THANKS MARCY!!

I also got the change to drool over the IF computer Harlan left her. Man, this thing is wicked cool. :)

Rolled out on the bike at 19:39. Had a fun ride, and the rain actually held off. Sweet!

Didn't take in too much water or carbs on the ride as I was just tearing it up and having a great time!

Energy Expenditure 1248 kcal
Number of Heart Beats 15695 beats
Minimum Heart Rate 96 bpm
Average Heart Rate 146 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 179 bpm
Ascent 869 ft

One the way out of the trail I remembered to stop and take a pic (although blurry) of this mobile Kidney Care truck I see EVERYDAY while riding the local trail system.

Look at the first disease on the list on the right. A billboard reminder. Kinda like the Geico insurance caveman adds.

I know I keep hinting at some great news, but everything should be squared away by Monday. So I will post on the forums then.