July 5, 2008

Daily Total: 51.71 Ride Hours: 01:50

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Today is the start of 2008 Tour de France. Wasn't going to go out of my way to watch this year after last years fiasco, but I am still drawn to the event. Bottom line is I really love bike racing, and this is the biggest in the world.

Not sure if you have seen these, but VS has been running some "interesting" ads to promote their TdF coverage this year. This first one is the full 60 second clip that was only shown twice on the air before being trimmed to 30 seconds.

Tour de France - Brand New Start

This other link is to one in a series of 30 second ads. Not as dramatic as the first for sure.

Tour de France - Take Back The Tour
Anyway, I set my basal rate down to a 55% reduction at 09:57 in preparation for an 11:00 ride. Drove over to the Wellness Center, and was out on the 5.5 by 11:20. BG at ride start was a 72, so I took in an extra PowerBar ride as I headed out.
I just wanted to do some higher tempo work on the Chapel Hill hill repeat loop I came up with. I only carried one water bottle and three PowerBar gels, as I was planning on less than 2 hours.
Only managed to take in 1 Gel, but did consume the entire water bottle while out.
Energy Expenditure 1389 kcal
Number of Heart Beats 16983 beats
Minimum Heart Rate 108 bpm
Average Heart Rate 153 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 179 bpm
Ascent 1280 ft
Was back at the truck at 13:16 and set my basal rate back to normal about 15 minutes earlier as I was heading back. BG was a 165 and I bolused for this. Prob a bit high as my avg HR was higher than normal, so I should have used less of a reduction in my basal rate.
Interesting enough, BG continued to climb for 30-45 minutes afterwards as well. Seemed to run high the rest of day. I have an appointment with Joe next week, and this is the next thing I want to get a handle on. Adjusting basal rates for high intensity outputs.
No basal rate change at bedtime.