July 3, 2008

Daily Total: 35.50 Ride Hours: 04:15

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Not a great nights sleep last night. Got to bed late, and then was up around 03:00. Just have a lot going on I guess.

After work I was able to head straight over to the Wellness Center for a ride. I set my basal rate to a 55% reduction a bit after 16:00, as I was planning on being out on the bike by 17:00.

As planned, I met Laura from Type1Rider at 17:00 and we headed out for a road bike ride by 17:10.

We did a great loop thru Chapel Hill and into Hillsborough, before heading back to the Wellness Center. I stayed on the regular 2 PowerBar Gels per hour, and took in 2 full water bottles during the 2.5hr ride. Got back to the truck at 19:45, and had a BG of 113.

At that time, I met Mike for a mountain bike ride. Changed bikes, and headed out for another 2 hours on the Fuel. A little lighter on the water intake for this part of the ride, but did take 3 PowerBar Gels while out.

Back to the Wellnesss Center at 21:54, and had a blood glucose of 83. Perfect BG levels, and a fantastic fun ride!!

Energy Expenditure 2903 kcal
Number of Heart Beats 36896 beats
Minimum Heart Rate 97 bpm
Average Heart Rate 142 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 188 bpm
Ascent 2142 ft

I set my basal rate back to its normal rate, and headed on home.

When I went to bed at 23:17, I set my basal rate down to a 20% reduction for 6 hours as is my normal procedure after a night training ride.