July 7, 2008

Daily Total: 47.09 Ride Hours: 00:34

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Taught class, as usual, after work today from 18:00 to 18:45. Nothing too new about that. Except that after class was over, and I was walking back toward my car, I finally crossed over the line of "I don't want to do this anymore".

I have been a cycle/spinning instructor for 14 years now. 14 years. I have led over 2000 indoor cycle classes, which equates to enough miles to have ridden around the earth once. At the equator.

I always told myself that I would hang it up when I couldn't give 100% anymore, and it was starting to become more work than fun. I have reached that point.

July 21st will probably (of course I need to work it out with the cooridinator) be my last regular cycle class. Ever. I would like to stay on the sub list, or maybe do some outdoor seminars come fall.

I am going to miss it.