July 1, 2008

Daily Total: 48.78 Ride Hours: 03:29

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Got a fair amount of rain yesterday, so I headed out tonight to make up for yesterday's missed ride.

I set my basal rate down to the normal 55% reduction on the way over to the Wellness Center at 16:45.  I borrowed a light set from a friend, as my Nite Rider Flight system that broke last week is being replaced with a completely new unit, and sent back.

Left on the Kona at 17:49 for a couple of hours. 

I was making my way to the trails via the Hill Repeat loop, and I came upon a sight I will not soon forget.  Where the Bolin Creek trail (paved bike path) meets MLK/Airport Blvd I saw three guys in their late 30s doing hill repeats.   By the looks of it, they had already completed a couple and where encouraging each other to hit the next one.  What makes this scene so amazing?  

All three where in wheelchairs.

I was so impressed watching them head up the hill again, I completely forgot to shoot a quick photo.  These three men weren't in racing chairs, just average looking wheelchairs.  They weren't elite athletes, just guys getting their sweat on and trying to get stronger.  I was completely blown away with their determination. 

I was definitely motivated by this experience, and pushed the pace on the 29er quite harder heading up the long hill to the trails.  For the remaining 2+ hours on my ride I turned up the gas, and thought about what I want out of the remaining races of the season.   Funny how random events can have such an impact on your vision and goals.

Energy Expenditure 2602 kcal
Number of Heart Beats 31672 beats
Minimum Heart Rate 96 bpm
Average Heart Rate 151 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 192 bpm
Ascent 1824 ft

I got back to the WC around 21:30 and bolused for slightly high 221.  This is for sure do to the higher intensity I was keeping. 

Basal rate back to normal at 21:52. 

When I hit the hay I didn't reduce my basal rate. I did spend a LOT of time thinking about those gents I saw earlier. I wish you could have seen it. Just awesome.