June 28, 2008

Daily Total: 37.36 Ride Hours: 05:07

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Up early, and set my basal rate on the Cozmo down to a 55% reduction in preparation for a good couple of hours in the saddle starting at 08:30.  

Plan for the day was to put in about 6 hours or so on the road bike.  I'll let that sink in.  :)  I don't get out on the Madone all that often, mostly due to timing.  I need to start incorporating into my training more, so I figured I would just go ahead and ride it today.

First 1.5 hours where by myself just riding the local Chapel Hill hill repeat loop.  Blood glucose was a solid 116 at ride start.

After 90 minutes I rolled back around to Wilson Park to catch up with a small group. BG was right at 93 at this point, so I took in a couple of extra carbs. K was in this group, along with some Wellness Center staff.

Back from that group at 12:15, with the BG running a 119. Pretty much perfect. Refilled the water bottles, and headed out for the last couple of hours.

Temps got pretty high right after I left the group, approaching near 100 with high humidity.  Since it was hot I cut the ride short by 40 minutes or so. 

There is always something happening on the beautiful UNC Chapel Hill campus.  On Saturdays, a familiar site is weddings.  LOTS of places to take nice photos.  On the way back to the Wellness Center, I saw a new bride heading over to the Old Well for photos.  

I set my basal rate back to normal when I was about 15 minutes away from the end of ride. Made it back to the truck at 13:32 with the blood glucose at 95. Staying on the 2 PowerBar Gels and 16oz of water per hour worked perfect once again. NICE!!

Energy Expenditure 3510 kcal
Number of Heart Beats 42788 beats
Minimum Heart Rate 98 bpm
Average Heart Rate 152 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 188 bpm
Ascent 2656 ft

I did set my pump down to the normal 20% reduction for 6hrs post ride setting.