July 10, 2008

Daily Total: 37.55 Training Hours: 01:57

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 6.55u
Corr: 4.90u
Basal: 26.10u

Daily Carb Intake: 98g

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After another what seemed like LONG day in the office (man I have been struggling this week with work overload), I headed over to the UNC Diabetes Care Center for my quarterly appointment with Joe Largey. Laura Ely (from Type1Rider) works over there, so I got a chance to talk to her for a while. We are setting up weekly training times to ride road together - mutually beneficial.

Anyway, I was REALLY interested to see what my A1C was going to be. I was pretty bummed last time when it crept up to a 6.0. So I wanted to find out if I could nail it down a little bit more.

Sure enough - 5.6. Sweet. Toeing the line a little too much, as I would like 5.8/.9 better. Always room for improvement. Right?

We spent a fair amount of time coming up with a plan for adjusting my basal rate when I transition from "normal endurance pace" to higher "race pace" after I had been on the bike for a couple of hours. Say, I wanted to push the pace a bunch to finish out a 12 hour event, or, as happened last week, I run into a fast group after 3 hours on the trail. I got some stuff to test out, and will report on it as I learn more about how to transition back and forth smoother.

So afterwards, I ran home and grabbed the 5.5 for a ride. I dropped my basal rate to a 55% reduction at 16:49, and was out on the bike at 18:00 even. I tested at 18:00 at a 92, and decided to just roll with that.

Wanted to push the pace just a little bit tonight, to keep my heart rate about 10 beats faster then normal. Again, trying to figure at what point does my HR and intensity affect the BG.

Road a quick hill repeat loop, and then got back to the Wellness Center to store the bike and put on some running shoes. Headed out for a short 25 minute run.

I only consumed 1 PowerBar Gel while training, but did take in about 20oz of water.

Got done at 19:51 and set my basal rate back at this point. Normally, I would more than likely set the basal rate back to normal much sooner with a slightly higher work load.

Energy Expenditure 1497 kcal
Number of Heart Beats 16497 beats
Minimum Heart Rate 95 bpm
Average Heart Rate 169 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 187 bpm
Ascent 1398 ft

After stretching a little bit, I tested at 20:19 at 149. About what could have been expected, yes? I am thinking that a reduction of only 45% would be a better starting point for training in this range. I'll keep trying. :)

No basal rate changes before bedtime.

As an aside, I wanted to mention that my new car got delivered yesterday. I FINALLY took delivery of my Honda Civic Hybrid. I decided not to wait until gas was $6 a gallon before trying (probably unsuccessfully) to trade or sell my Ridgeline. Got a great trade in amount and an awesome deal on the Hybrid. Yeah, I was surprised to.

Anyway, the annual gas savings at current $4 a gallon prices should get me to 12 or 15 24 Hour events. :)