July 22, 2008

Daily Total: 42.79 Ride Hours: 01:15

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 16.05u
Corr: 0.30u
Basal: 26.44u

Daily Carb Intake: 240g

Daily Pump Details Download

Last ride day before Wilderness 101. Got started very late tonight (20:25), but was planning on only 90 minutes or less anyway. Set the pump down to a 55% basal rate reduction at 19:07. BG was a little low (66) at 19:13, so it was cool having me wait until 20:25 to start riding.

Rolled out of the Wellness Center parking lot on the Kona, and headed for the Chapel Hill trails. Just wanted to spin the legs out some and stay fueled and hydrated. Normal hydration and fuel schedule (2 PowerBar Gels and 16-20oz of water per hour).

Legs felt GREAT! Had to hold myself in check a couple of times as I was having such a good time riding. Took a little tumble sticking the front wheel into a big hole while riding a rock garden. Always awesome to hit the deck hard once you know you are ok. A little bloodletting and an adrenalin rush to wake ya up. You know? Yeah, ya do. :)

More Karans appearing on the trails EVERYDAY!! I am always careful to go around them, as to not upset the navigation gods.

Turned the Cozmo back to the normal basal rate as I headed back to the car at 21:39. Was back at the car and tested at a 90 at 21:50.

I made no mods to the basal rate at bed time.