July 21, 2008

Daily Total: 49.98 Ride Hours: 00:32

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 20.50u
Corr: 2.00u
Basal: 27.48u

Daily Carb Intake: 310g

It was a strange emotional roller coaster of a day today.

I was overjoyed with the results of 2008 Ironman Lake Placid FINALLY (well it was only yesterday) being posted. I kept checking, and I was finally able to locate Candy Davies finishing time in her first Ironman distance triathlon event.

For those who don't know, Candy has overcome HUGE challenges to become an accomplished athlete. From her first ever cycle class with me 3 years ago, to her personal victory as an Ironman finisher she ALWAYS amazes and impresses me.

I am SO proud of her, stand in awe of her dedication to training, and am truly, truly, truly honored to be able to call her a friend. Candy you are simply inspirational and YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!

It seemed fitting that the day that I am recollecting about Candy's first cycle class, is the day I will teach my last scheduled cycle class. I am fortunate to able to stay on the staff as a sub, and will possibly be teaching some outdoor cycle stuff near the end of race season. However, the weekly rotation is over.

I started teaching near 14 years ago, and never in my wildest dreams imagined what a journey it would be. I have spun enough miles as an instructor in cycle class to circumnavigate the world once. I always told myself that when I couldn't give 100% to the members taking the time to come to my class, I would hang it up. Its time.

Although this sounds like a cliche, I REALLY have taken more from the members in class then I have given in return. Almost every part of my life has been affected by being an instructor.

Some of the people I am closest to I met for the first time as they came to my class as members. I have seen people grow and conquer their physical hurdles, become better cyclists and athletes, introduced people to bike riding, and, hopefully, learn to live healthier lives.

I have even had Robin Williams drop in on one of my classes. (No, I'm not kidding).

So although it makes me very sad, I want to say thank you to the approx 40000 of you that have attended my classes.

It has been an awesome ride.