July 12, 2008

Daily Total: 32.63 Ride Hours: 04:27

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 8.55u
Corr: 0.90u
Basal: 23.18u

Daily Carb Intake: 148g

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Able to get out for a mixed mountain and road ride today. First set my basal reduction of 55% at 08:29, but did flip it back to normal, than back again before my 10:19 ride start time. Rolled out of the Wellness Center parking lot on the Fuel intending to do two "laps" of the Chapel Hill hill repeat route, then get on the road bike and ride with Laura for about 90 minutes.

Plan got a little screwed up as I started later than I wanted to (I always talk about flexibility), but I did cut 6 minutes of my target time for my first loop.

Stayed right on the normal feeding and hydration rate, which worked out perfectly. BG levels during the 4.5 hr training ride were 101, 111, 89, and 112. Can't get much better than that.

This photo is a pic from the road ride. LOTS of farms (both dairy and corn) less than 20 miles from our house. Nice huh?

You will notice in the Cozmo log that I did debate the amount of basal reduction to use at bedtime. I ended up with a 75% reduction for 6 hours.