June 1, 2008

Daily Total: 39.64 Ride Hours: 03:57

Time BG Carbs Units
---- -- ----- -----

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Set my basal rate to a 55% reduction at 10:00 in preperation for a ride about an hour later. Got a little postponed, and actually didn't roll out of the Wellness Center until near noon. It all worked out great, as I left on the Top Fuel 69er towards the local trail system.

Stayed on all usual patterns for a training ride. 2 PowerBar Gels and 16oz of water per hour. My pace was up and down - near race for bursts, then very slow and chill. This kinda messed me up a little tiny bit... I ended the ride a little after 15:00 and was running a tad high.

Energy Expenditure 2445 kcal
Number of Heart Beats 26566 beats
Minimum Heart Rate 92 bpm
Average Heart Rate 148 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 184 bpm
Ascent 1526 ft

Slight basal reduction when I went to bed - dropped to 90% of normal for 5.5hrs.