May 29, 2008

Daily Total: 43.10 Ride Hours: 02:35

Time BG Carbs Units
---- -- ----- -----

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First ride post race was this afternoon. Just no time to get on bike beforehand. Recovery this week was ok, and I was feeling pretty normal by Tuesday. Whatever that's worth.

I modified my basal rate to allow me to start me ride at a couple of ticks before 19:00. Rolled out of the Wellness Center on the Kona 29er SS and headed towards a much drier local trail system.

As shown by the data, I just kept it simple and spinning tonight.

Energy Expenditure 1558 kcal
Number of Heart Beats 20904 beats
Minimum Heart Rate 94 bpm
Average Heart Rate 134 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 182 bpm
Ascent 1020 ft

Felt pretty good, all things considered. :)

Was done and back at the truck a little after 21:30. Set pump back to normal rate.

Still plenty amped about the race this past weekend. Only downside, is that I can't locate any photos. I guess there wasn't a photographer there?

When I went to bed, I set the basal rate on the Cozmo to a reduction for a couple of hours. Ride wasn't that hard, so no big setting needed.