June 26, 2008

Daily Total: 48.13 Ride Hours: 01:31

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First chance I had to get back on the bike after this past weekends race.  I did teach on Monday, but was off the bike a bunch "monitoring" some folks with special conditions.    They all did great btw!! 

I had the oppurtunity tonight to put in a good long ride, as I was able to get started a little earlier than normal.  That WAS the plan anyway. 

Didn't actually roll out on the Fuel until near 19:30 and was planning to meet some folks at 20:30.   Got the the trail and was making my way towards the meeting spot when I see a cable dangling over my shoulder.  I couldn't figure out what it was, so I stop and take a look:

The cable on the top is what it is SUPPOSED to look like. The one on the bottom was what was dangling in front of my face.  The connetor from the lamp on the right just pulled out.  

End result.... no lights.  Crap.

Stayted in the trail as long as I could, and then headed for home.

I was a little annoyed, as ride time is hard to schedule and come by.