June 14, 2008

Daily Total: 37.19 Ride Hours: 03:55

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What a picture perfect day today was!  Perfect temps, clear blue sky.

Just amazing day to go for a ride.Set the basal rate down to a 55% reduction, and set my target BG to 150 on the pump at 11:21 in preperation for a early afternoon ride.

A little before noon I was running a bit high (207) so I did take a bolus to correct. 

By 12:15 I was on the Trek and rolling out of the Wellness Center.  I got behind in my fueling during the first hour, and, combined with the pre-ride bolus, my BG dropped to 48 by 13:20.

To correct this, I took in a bag of M&Ms (as you know my favorite recovery food), and went ahead and lowered my basal rate by another 10% to a 65% reduction.  Waited a couple of minutes, and then rolled on my way.  BG recovered quickly, and was fine for the rest of the ride.

We ride through this old Orange County (The Old OC?) Bus Depot on the way to the local trail system.  I call it Area 51.  There is a very small airport right next to it, and at night there is a rotating light that illumintes this place every 30 seconds.  Just a neat place to meet for a ride.

Even though I rolled by myself, I had a great ride.  Stayed on the normal fueling rate of 2 PowerBar Gels and 20oz of water per hour.  Took in 2 eCaps at about the half way mark.  I am feeling much better, rested, and recovered.  

12 Hour Cowbell Challenge is only 1 week away.

Energy Expenditure 2902 kcal 
Number of Heart Beats 35522 beats 
Minimum Heart Rate 111 bpm 
Average Heart Rate 151 bpm 
Maximum Heart Rate 182 bpm 
Ascent 1804 ft

Got back to the Wellness Center at 15:56 and set my basal rate back to normal.  Tested and the BG was a 119.  Perfect.

I set my basal rate to an 80% reduction for 6 hours when I went to bed.