June 12, 2008

Daily Total: 44.40 Ride Hours: 02:38

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Today was the first day back in the saddle after the Tour de Cure weekend.  Wanted to try to ride earlier, but just didn't have time.  Work has been super busy, and we had a family birthday party earlier this week.  

Got a call that my new rear wheel for my Kona 29er rigid SS is complete.  I had a Stan's Arch laced to a Paul's SS disc hub.  Should be awesome.  No time to get it today, but hopefully tomorrow night?

To prepare for the usual Thursday night ride, I lowered my basal rate to 45% of normal a little before 18:00.  I parked at the Wellness Center, got changed, and rolled out on the Kona at 18:51.

Deal was to meet some folks at 19:45, so I was able to hit some hill repeats before making it to the local trail system.  Met up with a couple of people at that time (ALL 29ers) and it started as a decently fun ride.

My light system is acting up however.  If the connector is not kept ina certain spot, the light cuts out.  One of the reasons for being forced to head for home a little earlier than I wanted to.  Will need to get that looked at before the Cowbell Challenge 12 hr next weekend.

Legs still feel kinda tired.  It was over 102 each day for the TdC, but I am surprised that I am still feeling it.  Hydration seems ok.  Of course, getting out earlier this week would have been better, but I'm not sore.  Just no pop.

Although I kept on my usual hydration and fueling schedule (2 PowerBar Gels and 20oz of water per hour) as the ride progressed, I just kept feeling worse and worse.  

Between the light not working and how crappy I felt, I pulled the plug and headed for home. 

When I got back to the truck at 21:30ish, I noticed that my jersey was all wet right around the location of my infusion set.  When I looked closer, I noticed that I had placed a hard plastic part of my Ergon pack right over the piece of pump tubing where the tube meets the connector to the infusion set.  Over the course of the ride (must have been pretty quick) the pack rubbing and landing on that spot damaged the connector somewhat.  When that happened it caused a disconnect from the infusion set.  So no insulin going in for over 2.5 hours.

This was totally on me for being stupid.  I felt it when I put the pack on, but just didn't pay much attention.  Now I paid the price.  BG was a 409 when I got back to the Wellness Center.  Awesome, eh?

So... I spent the rest of the night working on getting that lower and trying to eat something.

Energy Expenditure 1756 kcal 
Number of Heart Beats 22578 beats 
Minimum Heart Rate 93 bpm 
Average Heart Rate 142 bpm 
Maximum Heart Rate 182 bpm 
Ascent 1102 ft

When I got home and replaced the tubing (and the infusion set as I wanted to be sure I got everything) I did bolus (a ton) and set my basal rate to 150% of normal to try and correct as quickly as possible.

It worked ok.

Man, I forgot how TERRIBLE you feel when you are running that high.  I can't even explain it.  Seriously, that bad.

No modification to the basal rate at bed time due to the higher BG values I was reading earlier in the evening.