May 14, 2008

Daily Total: 48.03 Ride Hours: 00:00

Time BG Carbs Units
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I have waited to the last possible minute, but I need to pull the plug on Granny Gear 24 hours of Conyers this weekend. I REALLY want to do this event, but I just can't.

Not only I am not quite ready to put in a great personal performance, it costs a ton of $$$$ not to completely rock it. I will be thinking about the race as I am riding this weekend. Hopefully, I can rock this event next year, and my situation will be different.

Since I needed a bounce from abonding GG Conyers, I went ahead and registerd for The 24 Hours of Burn next weekend and Cowebell June 21st. Been planning on doing this events, but once you lay out the cash you are more committed.

I was talking to someone about racing the other day, and the different philosophies we have on it. I really only consider racing against myself at these endurance events (of course with two hours to go I will try to run down the person in front of me if possible). It is more important to me that I do as well as I can, perform as I know I can, and have good bg control throughout. If these three thing are true, it is a great victory.

The person I was talking to hinted that I wasn't very competive. I am VERY competive, especially with my PRs. However, I try to keep my eye on the ball with these events. For me finishing putting in a strong performance, and over coming all obstacle to just keep riding is a great day.