May 12, 2008

Daily Total: 36.17 Ride Hours: 03:22

Time BG Carbs Units
---- -- ----- -----

Daily Pump Details Download

After work I hustled over and prepared to teach my class from 18:00-18:45.

After class I was a little low, so I ate and waiting a bit before rolling out on the Kona for a ride. Days getting longer, so I was still not starting in the dark.

If you look at the Pump Details Download, you can see how I changed up (lowered) my starting basal rate for the single speed ride. I am going to modify my starting basal rate from a 50% reduction to a 55% reduction. See how that works. Also, want to really focus on a full 60 minutes between basal rate reduction and ride start.

Energy Expenditure 2140 kcal
Number of Heart Beats 28321 beats
Minimum Heart Rate 102 bpm
Average Heart Rate 142 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 180 bpm Ascent 1713 ft

Got back home fairly late, and didn't get a chance to eat a ton. I have just been consuming a PowerBar Recovery when I don't have time to eat post ride. It has been working GREAT!

I lowered my basal rate by 20% for 6 hours when I finally got to bed.