May 17, 2008

Daily Total: 42.59 Ride Hours: 04:11

Time BG Carbs Units
---- -- ----- -----

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Rolled out on the Kona a couple minutes before 13:00 today. Weather is just UNBELIEVABLE. Maybe the most perfect day I have ever seen in NC - ever. No kiddin.

Set the pump down to a 55% reduction at noon. Drove to the Wellness Center, and left from there.

Single track was still very wet from the rain we had during the week, so it was a trip around the big HR repeat loop in Chapel Hill.

Road with only one waterbottle, and, even though I stopped to refill, I found myself most defenetly falling behind in my hydration. Besides that, I kept on the 2 PowerBar Gels per hour fueling schedule. Also, as I was feeling a little hungry, I ate 1/2 a PowerBar anout 2 hours in.

Was a decent ride.

Energy Expenditure 2822 kcal
Number of Heart Beats 35089 beats
Minimum Heart Rate 91 bpm
Average Heart Rate 149 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 185 bpm
Ascent 1985 ft

When I got back to the truck near 17:00, I set my pump back to a normal rate.

When I hit the hay, I lowered my basal rate to 80% of normal for 6 hours.