May 5, 2008

Daily Total: 38.42 Ride Hours: 02:24

Time BG Carbs Units
---- -- ----- -----

First day trying some of the pump download software to detail BG levels and insulin dosing on riding days. Click to see the .PDF:

Daily Pump Download

Still working on getting this ironed out, so look for it to change in the upcoming weeks.

After work I headed over to the Wellness Center to teach class. Class was from 18:00-18:45. As you can see in the report, I was debating what to about my temporary basal rate. I set two different reductions, and then before class started changed my mind. The plan was to go for a ride after class was out.

After class I tested at a 96, and lowered my basal rate to a 50% reduction.

Was out on the Kona by 19:30. I was to meet Marcy at 20:15 out in the local trail system. Unfortunately she got held up at work and couldn't make it out.

Just as well, as I was feeling very tired and beat. Put it on cruise control and spun for a little while before heading back to the barn.

Was a great night for a ride, and ANY time riding is a good thing!!

Changed my basal rate back to normal at 21:35 and tested a couple of minutes later at 111.

Energy Expenditure 1491 kcal
Number of Heart Beats 19975 beats
Minimum Heart Rate 92 bpm
Average Heart Rate 138 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 179 bpm
Ascent 833 ft

No change to basal rate when I went to bed this evening.