May 7, 2008

Daily Total: 40.88 Ride Hours: 03:14

Time BG Carbs Units
---- -- ----- -----

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Set pump to a 50% reduction at 18:44 in preparation for a ride later on this evening. Looks like rain AGAIN tomorrow, so it was cool to be able to get a longer ride in tonight. Jumped on the Trek Top Fuel at the Wellness Center parking lot at 20:01.

Met a couple of folks (Marcy and some friends of her) in the local trail system at 20:30.

Was able to take in an average of 2 PowerBar Gel's per hour. Been riding with water bottle only, so was a little behind on water intake. Maybe 20oz for the entire 3+ hrs? Not a problem, as it is not HOT yet here in 'da south. :)

Energy Expenditure 2448 kcal
Number of Heart Beats 29796 beats
Minimum Heart Rate 103 bpm
Average Heart Rate 153 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 186 bpm
Ascent 1362 ft

Was an awesome ride!! I LOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE this Trek! Hopefully the weather cooperates so I can get some more time on it. If not, I will become very acquainted at the 24 Hours of Burn on May 24th.

Got back to the truck at 11:15. Set the Cozmo back to a normal basal rate right away.

When I went to bed about an hour later, I did a 20% reduction of basal for 5.5 hours.