May 3, 2008

Daily Total: 36.82 Ride Hours: 04:37

Time BG Carbs Units
---- -- ----- -----

23:40 59CZ
21:57 62CZ
21:12 42g 2.80
20:34 45g 3.00
19:44 116CZ .10
19:32 117CZ
18:50 116CZ
16:32 22g 1.70
16:13 190CZ 1.60
13:06 77CZ
12:44 58CZ
09:16 18g 1.20
09:13 36g 2.40
00:34 130CZ

Everyone slept in a little bit today, so a bit of a late start. Planning on heading out for a local ride at 12:00 noon, so I set my basal rate to a 50% reduction on the Cozmo at 11:06. Was at the Wellness Center and ready to roll before 12 noon.

This is BY FAR the most perfect day we have had in MONTHS. Just a gift!

Headed out on the 5.5 for the usual local trail system. The trails are drying out nicely since the trees have bloomed, the temps are up, and it hasn't rained in a couple of days.

Since this is my third ride in < 60 hours, I am finding myself more insulin sensitive right now. I am sure of this as, even though I measured the C I ate earlier in the day, I was feeling low 60 minutes into the ride.

I stopped and tested with the Cozmonitor and was at a 58 mg/dl. In order to correct I did two things: First, tested the Cozmo Hypo Manager for the immediate correction, and then set my basal rate to my > 5 hour ride rate of 35% of normal.

Hypo Manager suggested 28g of fast acting carbs to reach my target of 110. I was hoping to go a little above that, so 32grams of carbs via a small bag of M&Ms went in. I got on my way again, and just cruised for a little while to conserve and recover.

20 minutes later I was on my as I at a 77 mg/dl. Felt good, and brought my pace back up to my target training range.

Was able to stay on 2 PowerBar Gels per hour, along with 16oz of water for the remainder of the ride.

Energy Expenditure 2595 kcal
Number of Heart Beats 34017 beats
Minimum Heart Rate 96 bpm
Average Heart Rate 138 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 179 bpm
Ascent 1732 ft

Headed back through downtown Chapel Hill on the way home.

Was a fantastic day on the bike. I can feel that I FINALLY coming around after the fatigue, and the sickness of the past 6 weeks. Not close to race ready yet, but I can see the heart rate staying lower and my legs feeling better. Hence, I am in a MUCH better space.

A couple more weeks like this, and I should be ready to go racing again. Doubting I can make the Granny Gear in Conyers GA event, but probably be set for the Burn 24 in NC.

Got back to the Wellness Center at near 16:15 and tested a little high at 190. Was able to bolus for that at a reduced rate I call Post Ride. This is a 20:1 ratio instead of the normal 15:1.

Went out to dinner with K later on. I ended up running a little low as I over bolused (aka guessed wrong) with how many C where in dinner I ordered. Ate something before bed to correct.

I did lower my basal rate by 20% for 6 hours when I went to bed a little before midnight.