May 18, 2008

Daily Total: 36.19 Ride Hours: 03:42

Time BG Carbs Units
---- -- ----- -----

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Met George and Greg at Lake Crabtree County Park at 10:30 for a ride around the trails there as well as some more demanding "other" trails in the area. :)

Another beautiful day, I lowered my basal rate near 09:40 in prep for being on the bike at 10:30. I brought the Kona, although I wanted to ride a geared bike instead. I just wasn't sure what the trail conditions really where, and didn't want to be forced to spend time cleaning a F/S rig.

Was trying to keep the HR lower today, as I have 6 days until the 24 Hours of Burn. When we got into the more technical stuff, I lost contact with the guys. This would lead to George's hysterical blog entry at Dirt Dawg Biker. Too funny! BTW, this did force me to buy a new cell phone that the ringer actually works on....

Back to the vehicle and headed home just short of 4 hours later. Pump set back to a normal 100% basal rate at this time.

Energy Expenditure 1910 kcal
Number of Heart Beats 24453 beats
Minimum Heart Rate 92 bpm
Average Heart Rate 143 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 178 bpm
Ascent 1122 ft

Afterwards I headed over to see Marcy at the shop she works in. I was close to her shop, and had a little time available.

While there I was able to ride a new 2008 Trek Remedy 8. Bike is KILLER!! Still looking for a replacement for my 5.5, and this could be a bike for that. A little laid back for XC use, but with an adjustable front fork and a longer, dropped stem it could work perfectly.

I made a small adjustment to my basal rate at bedtime. 90% for 5 hours.