May 19, 2008

Daily Total: 39.84 Ride Hours: 01:41

Time BG Carbs Units
---- -- ----- -----

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What a great day! Had a FANTASTIC lunch meeting today with some very important people from a AWESOME company. Not going to comment on it more, but hopefully will be able to share details at some later time.

After work I cruised over to the Wellness Center to teach class from 18:00-18:45. Class was full and rockin! Was surprised to see how many people where there as today is another AWESOME weather day. This is the North Carolina I love. :)

After class I rolled out on my 5.5 for a lite nite ride. The folks I was supposed to meet didn't arrive, so it was a quick lite spin then home.

No basal rate changes at night.

A number of folks have emailed me about my new Deltec Cozmo pump. I am becoming more and more enamored with this pump each and every day. It does SO MUCH cool and useful stuff.

A few people wanted to see the size of the Cozmo. I laid it next to one of my favorite "emergency funds" (tribute to my high school assist track coach Mr Morgan) so you can a reference on the dimensions.

Also here is a bigger image of the attached CozMonitor: